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Medical Office

HIPAA Data Breach

Your patients’ PHI (personal health information) is found on the dark web and is compromised. Regulatory agencies must be notified and credit monitoring must be offered to the affected patients. Additional litigation is expected from the affected patients.
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Medical Device Manufacturer

Defective Product Claim

A hospital's staff misused a fluids warming device temperature settings due to the sales training received. The nurses adopted this new use and as a result, a patient was severely injured. The family and staff now blame the product manufacturer for its sales rep's alleged off-label promotion.
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Software Developer

Breach of contract

You develop software for a client. You fall behind, resulting in missed projections and inoperable modules. The client fires you and files a lawsuit, seeking to recover lost profits due to the disruption.
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Medical Diagnostic Center

Medical Malpractice

A patient undergoing surgery is given an anesthetic which, due to a previous treatment, poses an increased risk of use. As a result of using the anesthetic, the patient suffers liver damage and dies. The patients' family sues the anesthesiologist for medical malpractice.
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Clinical Trials

The PI (principal investigator) ignores a request to examine an abnormality from a trial subject. The patient alleges that their ailment was worsened by the PI’s failure to take action. The patient then sues the PI and the institution for injuries resulting from the failure to examine/treat.
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Data Hosting & Cloud Storage


Servers of a Data Hosting firm became infected with ransomware. The ransomware encrypted all of the server data. Privacy counsel and a forensics vendor were retained. The firm incurred legal fees, forensics fees, the ransom payment, and data recovery costs.
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