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Why Choose SciTech Insurance?

Our years of experience in the technology and medical industries enable us provide the coverage you need, with a quicker turnaround time and a personal touch that the large insurance corporations can't match.

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Specialized Insurance for Technology Firms

Today companies are relying more than ever on information and network technology solutions, as a result the business landscape has changed and the legal and financial stakes are high when a technology solution fails or doesn’t perform as promised.

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Medical & Life Science Custom Coverage

Medical technology and life science firms have unique and evolving exposures ranging from the initial phases of clinical trials and throughout the life cycle of their products.

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Why You Need Customized Insurance

In the fast changing world of technology and medicine, it's important to manage your exposure to risk.

Latest News:

Find out why you need Cybersecurity Insurance

Uncategorized | October 19, 2018

Cybersecurity Insurance: What you need to know Cybersecurity insurance transfers some of the financial risk of a security breach to the insurer. But it doesn’t do a good job of covering the reputation damage and business downturn that can be triggered by a security breach. In fact, 93 percent of small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) […]

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Cybersecurity: The risks are growing

News | October 8, 2018

Cybersecurity risks are growing, both in their prevalence and in their disruptive potential. Attacks against businesses have almost doubled in five years, and incidents that would once have been considered extraordinary are becoming more and more commonplace. The financial impact of cybersecurity breaches is rising, and some of the largest costs in 2017 related to […]

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Finding coverage that matches your business size

News |

The types and amount of insurance that you need for your small business are based on several factors: IN THIS ARTICLE Home-based businesses Many successful business launches start at home. Typically home-based businesses consist of one or no additional employees and have relatively little revenue. However, that doesn’t mean that the business shouldn’t be insured. […]

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