Data Breach Shows no Signs of Slowing Down

So far 2019 has continued the uptrend that is Data Breach

It has been a very busy year for Data Incidents and this year is far from over. Discover Financial, among many other companies have all reported exposures. The credit-card issuer said that it has alerted cardholders to a data breach that appears to have taken place on August 13, 2018, but it hasn’t said how much personal information was compromised or how many individuals are affected.

Anthony James, chief strategy officer at CipherCloud, told Threatpost in a prepared statement that the length of time between the breach occurring and being found is typical.

“Discover’s breach is very typical of the news we hear continually concerning financial firms and credit processors,” he said. “In today’s environment attackers will get into your networks. We also expect that it will take months even before a card processor such as Discover is even aware of the intrusion and possible breach. What we don’t expect to hear is that the databases and credit-card data are, amazingly, unencrypted.”

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